All-Island Innovation Programme

The Key To Innovation Success

Community of researchers

Who are we?

The All Island Innovation Programme – Community of Researchers (AIIP-COR) is primarily an initiative to bring together academics and postgraduate students interested in innovation in Ireland. Our aim is to create a virtual community to strengthen innovation studies research in Ireland and its contribution to strategy, practice and policy. This is being supported by InterTradeIreland and we would like to invite you to become part of this community.

Research Briefing Papers

As a way of achieving this aim the Community of Researchers have generated a series of Research Briefing Papers which can be viewed here.

Who can join?

The Community is open to academics throughout the world interested in innovation studies however the explicit focus is on innovation in Ireland.  

How do I join?

If you are interested in joining or would like to discuss this initiative in more detail then please feel free to contact either Nola Hewitt-Dundas (Queens University,, or other members of the steering group: James Cunningham (NUI Galway, ), Lawrence Dooley (UCC, As the Innovation Community of Researchers has been established as a virtual community with support from InterTradeIreland there is no cost to joining.   

Why should I join?

  • Network of peers involved in research on innovation in Ireland,
  • Enhanced knowledge of research on innovation in Ireland that is being (and has been) undertaken by academics,
  • A forum for the sharing and dissemination of research therefore avoiding wasteful duplication of research effort, and the more effective targeting of future research efforts,
  • Pooling of knowledge on data sources, research philosophy and methodologies – this may include the distribution of data and other material for collective use by members of the Community,
  • An information channel on current funding opportunities and the formation of networks of excellence in bidding for research support.
  • Sharing of teaching resources and potential to collaborate on teaching and research supervision,
  • Critical mass of expertise in innovation studies, greater exposure to an international audience and collaborative opportunities with leading international academics.

Can students get involved?

The Innovation Community of Researchers encourages research students to take full advantage of this initiative.  Indeed, one of its primary aims is to engage with and nurture emerging researchers in the area of innovation studies. The benefits to the Research student community include:

      • Providing awareness and access to leading academics in innovation studies, both at interdisciplinary and inter-institutional levels,
      • Access to recent research papers in advance of publication in academic journals,
      • Links to international networks,
      • Training in research skills through the Annual Innovation conference,
      • Awareness of post-doctoral research opportunities,
      • Information on conferences and opportunities to present doctoral research.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Community.