Brexit Advisory Service

Helping businesses navigate Brexit

Brexit Planning

Our Brexit Advisory Service is built on the mantra of encouraging businesses to PLAN, ACT and ENGAGE.

Plan - You can begin with a few basic questions around the freedom of movement of goods, services, people and how changes to these impact your business.  

Act - or at least prepare alternative scenarios and actions depending on what emerges from the negotiations.  Innovation, the application of Lean techniques and diversification are just some options to build higher margins within a business model. Support is available from InterTradeIreland and other industrial development support agencies to assist in all of these areas.

Engage - we are encouraging business owners to widely engage throughout the Brexit process.  Talk with industry representative bodies, with industrial support agencies like IntertradeIreland, lenders, your workforce, customers and suppliers.  Policy makers are also intensely interested in direct feedback from the business community to inform negotiating stances.

Come back to this section soon as we will keep it updated with the latest advice.