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Hear what companies had to say about Challenge

Hear what companies had to say about Challenge - view the video!

McAvoy Group, Lisburn

“Overall I have gained a huge amount from my experience with the Challenge Programme, and it has really opened my mind to how Innovation should be approached. A key take away for me is that innovation activity must be linked to the strategic needs of the business. Otherwise activity can be lost chasing after things that may not have maximum impact for the business." - Dr David Clarke, McAvoy Group

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Cubis, Lurgan

“During the course of the six-month programme one of our ideas resulted in the successful launch of a patented new product - an outcome that would not have been possible within the time period, without the guidance of the process. Cubis benefited greatly from the focus and discipline brought to the project teams, and continue to apply the fail fast/fail cheap methodology in managing other projects." - Julia McDaid, Cubis

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Munster Simms Engineering, Bangor

“As a company we will definitely be using the techniques and tools from this Challenge process to help create ideas and fill the funnel of future R&D projects. Challenge has surpassed my expectations and I will be highly recommending it to other companies.” - Richard Bovill, Munster Simms Engineering

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Leckey, Lisburn

“We have found real benefits in this Challenge process and believe that the learning and clarity that we’ve had in the early phases will accelerate the development process, and will deliver a product that has real meaningful uniqueness in the marketplace” - Colm Dobbs, Leckey

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Dualtron, Dublin

“The Challenge Programme was very successful and we continue to use the methods and procedures we learnt. I would highly recommend the programme to companies who need to innovate and who don't have the systems or resources in place.” - Dave Byrne, Managing Director

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CDE Global, Cookstown

“The programme came at exactly the right time for us and has given us a solid, structured process that we’re using as our core innovation method. We’re confident that this will deliver our innovation targets in due course. We’d have no hesitation recommending the programme especially for companies in similar circumstances looking for effective structured approaches to innovation.” - Kevin Vallelly, R&D Manager

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