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Halo Northern Ireland

Halo Northern Ireland is the business angel network for Northern Ireland. It is a joint initiative of Invest NI and InterTradeIreland. Its role is to match companies with growth potential seeking investment from high net worth individuals (the angels) who may wish to invest in them.

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How does it work for Applicants?

1 Initial assessment

To assess your suitability for business angel funding you should contact Grainne Lennon in InterTradeIreland or Annesley Harrison in Invest NI using the contact details listed below.  Please note that you must have an up to date business plan available at this stage.

2 Application

Only once Halo has indicated that your business appears to fit the criteria, should you then fill in the Full application form which includes further information about your business and the Halo Terms and Conditions which must be agreed to and signed. This information will help with the assessment of your company and will also form the basis of some of the information given to the Halo business angels who may consider investing.

3 Investment meeting and pitch

Investment meetings are held several times per year and the cut off for applications to be considered for these meetings is usually 1 month before the meeting. The companies who will pitch at a given meeting are selected from those who have applied.

4 Preparation and support

Once selected to pitch there are a number of steps:

  • The application form often needs to be updated
  • You will meet with Halo to assist your preparation
  • You will prepare a presentation based around a set of slides provided by Halo
  • Your slides are then checked by Halo for consistency
  • Rehearsal of your presentation to Halo at least 1 week before the event
  • On the evening of the event, you will present the pitch and meet the angels
  • Follow up with the angels who have expressed interest in your company
  • There are often a series of meeting with the angels and their advisers to discuss the opportunity in greater detail
  • All negotiations and agreements are directly between you and the angels involved

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Interested in becoming a Business Angel?

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Contact Us

Grainne Lennon at InterTradeIreland

Tel: 028 3083 4163 (048 from Ireland)


Annesley Harrison at Invest NI

Tel: 028 9069 8465 (048 from Ireland)