The Key To Innovation Success

About the FUSION Programme

Product development and innovation is at the heart of growth but often needs costly technology support.  FUSION can provide that support by helping to fund a high calibre science, engineering or technology graduate and partnering you with a third level institution with specific expertise.

The graduate is employed by you and is based in your company throughout the project (12 - 18 months) with mentoring from the academic partner and InterTradeIreland FUSION consultant.

Funding Available

18 month support package - worth up to £44,250/€52,800 typically in the area of new product/service development

12 month support project - worth £31,000/€37,000 typically in the area of process improvement. 


  • On average, each company taking part on the FUSION programme benefits from over £1 million worth of sales or efficiency savings in the three years following the project.
  • Develop or improve products, processes or services
  • Streamline business processes to increase efficiency and performance
  • Develop and implement new technologies, systems or processes
  • Improve capabilities in innovation, design and technology
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase sales.

How can I Apply?

Contact our team to discuss your particular business needs and find out how the FUSION programme could help you. 

If you are eligible for support, one of our FUSION consultants will arrange a meeting to understand your particular needs in more detail. You can find more detail in the how it works section.

Additional Information

The Key to Innovation Success (91 KB)