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FUSION Project Exemplar

The FUSION Programme Project Exemplar awards were created to recognise the contribution that FUSION companies make to both economies, North and South.

‘FUSION Project Exemplars’ are judged to be the best FUSION projects in terms of the level of innovation, benefits achieved and overall contribution to the programme, whilst also achieving  a good geographic spread across the island.


The 2016 Project Exemplars are:


Next Generation Networks Ltd

Next Generation Networks Ltd core business is split between Government Agencies and Industry, with their principle business activities lying in testing and verifying high speed data networks. One of the key areas in which we work lies in the verification of the network performance where mobile cellular networks interface to conventional terrestrial networks, particularly in verifying the performance of the network at the interconnect point. 

The FUSION project with Next Generation Networks Ltd involved partnering with Southern Regional College with the support of InterTradeIreland graduate, Aidan Magee.   Aidan Magee worked for Next Generation Networks Ltd for the 18 month duration of the project and has since been offered and accepted a full time role within the company.

Next Generation Networks Ltd proposed to develop a product which allows telecommunications installation engineers to very easily record information about which cable connects to which when joining high speed data cables in contemporary high speed data networks.  This product is called “Nuatag” which is a cable ID tagging system via a smartphone App to record individual cable joint locations and send the information to a central database which will significantly aid fault finding and other network problems.

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Tyrone Fabrications Ltd


Tyrone Fabrication Ltd is a rapidly expanding “Turn Key Solution Provider”, which has earned a respected reputation for producing a comprehensive range of durable and secure steel enclosures which incorporate advanced integrated network solutions, constructed using only the highest quality raw materials and components. Currently they supply to the transportation, rail, telecoms, and electrical & mobile phone industries.

The FUSION project with Tyrone Fabrication Ltd involved partnering with Dundalk Institute of Technology with the support of InterTradeIreland graduate, Dominic Mullins.    Dominic Mullins worked for Tyrone Fabrication Ltd for the 18 month duration of the project and has since been offered and accepted a full time role within the company.

The main outcome of the FUSION Project was the development of renewable energy based power systems for the telecoms industry. Referred to as Hybrid Power Units, the graduate has successfully integrated solar PV, wind turbine, diesel generator and battery storage capabilities to ensure a constant power supply to telecoms base stations. A variety of combinations of these technologies have been tested on site at Tyrone Fabrication Ltd. The result being the company is now in the position to offer a number of solutions to the market. The graduate has designed the electrical enclosures for these solutions and produced all electrical diagrams as well as marketing material. An online monitoring portal has also been developed to monitor remote installations. Extensive market research has been done and country specific analysis completed for clients (both existing and new potential clients).

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Copper Industries (Ireland) Ltd

Copper Industries (Ireland) Ltd designs and manufactures a range of standard and bespoke hot water cylinders, calorifiers and combination units. The range includes both domestic and industrial cylinders which are installed throughout Ireland and the UK.

The FUSION project with Copper Industries (Ireland) Ltd involved partnering with Dundalk Institute of Technology with the support of InterTradeIreland graduate, Anthony O’Connor. Anthony O’Connor worked for Copper Industries (Ireland) Ltd for the 18 month duration of the project and has since been offered a role as Mechanical Design Engineer.

Over the course of the Fusion programs Copper Industries have seen many achievements take place in the business. The main project was the introduction of a new energy efficient thermal store was taken from concept through production with the new product being in the market place within the first 9 months of the program. The company has now developed an in-house 3D modelling process. Previously this was outsourced.

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Complete Laboratory Solutions

Complete Laboratory Solutions is a multidisciplinary analytical services company providing accredited microbiological and chemical testing of food, water, sediment as well as pharmaceutical analytical services.

Complete Laboratory Solutions FUSION project focused on a new technological approach to the analysis and forensic interpretation of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in soils and waters. A 2D Gas Chromatograph method (GCxGC) will be developed alongside environmental forensic and risk assessment models to provide better customer products for the environmental industry.

The FUSION project with Complete Laboratory Solutions involved partnering with Queen’s Univeristy Belfast with the support of InterTradeIreland graduate, Maria Nevin.

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Aspira Ltd

Aspira Ltd specialises in Project Management and Enterprise Software Development. In addition Aspira Ltd has achieved Microsoft Gold Certification. AspiraCon has developed a wide range of new software products for clients including Mail File Achiever, Project Collaborator and Auto Diallout. Aspira Ltd is a Project Management Institute (PMI) certified training organisation with award winning Project Management expertise across a range of industries including I.T., Telecoms, Utilities, Supply Chain Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical and Local Government.

The FUSION project with Aspira Ltd involved partnering with Ulster University with the support of InterTradeIreland graduate, Sami Habtemriam.  Over the 12 month duration of the project, the focus was on the development of a system for handling medical data and this system is based upon the latest software development and database techniques currently available. The project resulted in a number of achievements including allowing AspiraCon to identify, collect, classify, record, store, and analyse information relating to the incidence and prevalence of cancer and related tumours in Ireland.

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The 2015 Project Exemplars are:


ABC Nutrition,

ABC manufactures and distributes products for sports nutrition, meal replacement and general health nutrition.  The company gains its competitive advantage through its capability to develop products that are unique to each customer.  ABC’s routes to market are via distributors and direct to chains of stores across Ireland, the UK and 15 additional countries in mainland Europe.

The FUSION project involved ABC partnering with the Northern Ireland Centre for Food and Health in the University of Ulster with the support of InterTradeIreland graduate, Ann Marie Coleman.  Ann Marie worked for ABC for the 12 month duration of the project, which was completed in January 2015, and has since been offered a role as a product developer with the company.

The FUSION project enabled ABC Nutrition to bring in new products and customers as well as a developing lifestyle nutrition business, while freeing up valuable strategic management time to drive business growth.  The FUSION project also increased export sales by just under €170,000 in year one alone with a projected value of more than €500k by year three.



CDEnviro Ltd offers a range of products proven to bring significant efficiencies to the waste water treatment industry and as a result the company has the capability to maximise material recovery and minimise waste volumes.

The FUSION project involved the design, prototype development and field evaluation of a vibrating inlet screen for wastewater treatment plants (WwTPs). The development will harness CDEnviro’s existing expertise in the design and manufacture of vibrating screens for WwTP sludge screening.

CDEnviro now provide the best solution in the marketplace for cleaning water in this notoriously difficult application.

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Davra Networks,

Davra Networks provides a software platform for the ‘Internet of Things’ called RuBAN, which has the ability to harvest data from sensors.  Once collected, this is then sent reliably to the cloud, where it can be stored long-term and made available for real-time reporting. 

The main purpose of this project is to develop a new module for RuBAN that will allow the company to target a new market of communication networks on fleets of vehicles.  This new capability will take advantage of the development work that the International hardware company Cisco has done to release a new wireless router that they plan to promote to the transport sectors worldwide. 

The FUSION project has had a huge impact on the company increasing staff by 13 and sales by €1.63m.

Gallaghers Bakery,

Gallagher’s Bakery supplies bread products and specialty lines, including gluten-free products to commercial customers across Ireland and further afield, with customers in Northern Ireland, GB, Europe, America, Canada and Australia.

The aim of the FUSION project was to reduce the waste associated with the gluten-free baking process by gaining a better understanding of the chemistry involved and the interactions between the ingredients.  The project enabled Gallaghers to reduce the waste incurred in Gallaghers gluten-free baking process by almost a quarter of a million Euros.  This has also increased the profitability of Gallaghers Bakery.

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Malone Farm Machinery,

Malone Farm Machinery is a young dynamic company with a commitment to innovation and creativity in the agricultural sector. Founded in 1999, the company manufactures a wide range of agricultural products including self-loading wagons, post drivers, toppers, log splitters and mowers, operating from its 18,000 sq ft premises.    The SME works closely with farmers, the 'end users' of products, in order to understand their needs and requirements.

The aim of the FUSION project was to carry out market research of the forage machinery sector which concluded with a niche market for a certain type of silage trailer. With the research in place a specific silage trailer was designed, developed and tested to exploit this niche market sector. Another outcome of the FUSION project was the development of procedure manuals for the design and DFMA systems as well as completing standard operating procedures to assist with the design of the silage trailer.


The 2014 Project Exemplars are:

Mackle Snacks, Tyrone

Mackle Snacks is involved in the production, marketing and retailing of an array of corn snack food products. They supply multiple retailer own label products in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and in the UK.

This project involved the development of healthy, nutritious and tasty snack food products focussed primarily at the younger demographic groups, i.e. toddlers, young children and young adults. The project researched and developed a suitable product range and addressed all the technical aspects of the products, i.e. recipe development, nutritional and sensory analysis, food safety, safe use by date, product specifications, etc.

Products have since been launched with existing business partners, Ella’s Kitchen, to include various flavours of baby porridges and puffits for the UK & US markets. In tandem with this is a range of Kosher crisp products have been developed for the UK and Israeli Kosher markets.

Arbarr Electronics, Derry

Arbarr Electronics is a Design and Manufacturing Company of leading edge Electronic Hardware for OEMs. They manufacture a range of award winning eco-friendly lighting products for use in airport ground support equipment which supply Fortune 100 companies such as BAA, Fedex, DHL and a number of major world airports. The company has grown 500% over the past 2 years and is currently exporting over 90% of their products and services.

The aim of the FUSION project was to research, design, and manufacture and bring to production a LiFe-P04 Battery Powered Standby Power System for use in the Domestic market capable of powering low energy lamps, communication devices for approximately 50 hours. Arbarr have already put in place substantial investment to bring the product to market and have current received preproduction orders to provide PV energy harvesting solution in NI. More information on Arbarr Electronics can be found here

Biocore Environmental, Dublin

BioCore specializes in the management of wastewater sludge, landfill leachate and commercial bio-solids.

The purpose of the FUSION Project was to develop a prototype for the treatment of leachate and sludge. The success of the Project has successfully brought the prototype to market with keen interest shown from a number of key players. Currently BioCore are working on scaling the prototype up and they expect to win a number of contracts on the basis of its success. BioCore’s market position has improved as a result of the FUSION Project, allowing them to strategically expand into a new market which complements their existing suite of services.
The project has directly led to BioCore developing a partnership with CNP Water Limited, OxyMem Limited and University College Dublin.  More information on Biocore Environmental can be found here

Epona Biotech, Sligo Epona was founded in 2008 with the aim of developing impedance based point of care blood diagnostic solutions for the animal healthcare industry.  They had the resources to develop and launch its blood test cartridge, but not the resources to develop an electronic reader which interprets the cartridge. Through FUSION they were able to develop this point of care reader (instrument) for use with their in vitro diagnostic test cartridges.  They now have a beta product ready for the test market. 

The 2013 Project Exemplars are:

Silver Hill Foods, Monaghan Silver Hill Foods core business is the supply of food (duck) to the catering industry, however with FUSION they developed innovative leisurewear for females, to enter new high value markets, using the natural thermal properties of duck down, which is a material bi-product of current food production. The use of smart textiles and innovative sustainable design acted as a key driver to capture new market share. 
Ocean Harvest Technology, Galway

Ocean Harvest Technology (OHT) supply seaweed derived formulas to aquaculture and pet food industries. The formulas are based on the bioactive ingredients found in the different seaweeds that replace the synthetic ingredients found in a variety of agri and aquacultural feed ingredients.

The FUSION project developed new fish food products through the identification and analysis of protein rich seaweeds. With FUSION they developed an extraction methodology protocol for crude protein from seaweed that can be commercially scaled up to a pilot plant facility.

Vitalograph, Clare

Vitalograph is a global leader in the design and manufacture of pulmonary function medical devices and software such as asthma and COPD monitors, consumables and products and systems for clinical trials. Target markets include primary and secondary care, CROs, telemedicine and pharmaceutical companies.

With FUSION they developed a range of algorithms for acoustic analysis of audio signals. The algorithms analyse a patient’s breathing and assess whether the correct technique of inhalation was used.

Kelly Bros, Down

Kelly Brothers is a family owned Contracting and Developing business currently employing approximately 55 people. They provide new build social housing to a range of Housing Associations in Northern Ireland and County Councils in the Republic of Ireland.

Their project entailed the development of a range of 12 prefabricated turnkey modular houses for both the domestic and export market. The design allowed flexibility in internal design while optimising installation, ventilation and environmental considerations. The modular design also facilitated packing of the house in containers for export. 

Irish Diagnostics, Kiildare

Irish Diagnostic Laboratory Services Ltd (IDLS) provides laboratory testing for the diagnosis, management and prevention of diseases of horses. One of its key areas is Forensics – to include prohibitive substances in horses and other species.

With FUSION they developed the capability to perform multi-drug residue analysis and effect based bioanalysis on samples from horses submitted to the company for testing. 


The 2012 Project Exemplars are:

Realtime, Dublin Realtime, Dublin InterTradeIreland FUSION has assisted the company in the development of a product that enables patients to measure and monitor vital signs of recovery and stream their progress directly to their health care professional.  More information on Realtime can be found here
Media Lightbox, Newry

The company decided to participate in order to develop new features for their system, allowing them to stay ahead of their competitors.  More information on Media Lightbox can be found here.

Solvotrin, Cork FUSION has enabled the company to identify and develop a new cholesterol drug. Solvotrin Therapeutics specialises in creating new patent protected drugs for the treatment of rare diseases in the areas of cardiovascular and cancer prevention and treatment.  More information on Solvotrin can be found here
Lotus, Sligo FUSION has enabled the company to develop a new product which has resulted in the company winning new business in the European market.  More information on Lotus can be found here.
Ward, Monaghan FUSION has enabled the company to develop premium oral hygiene healthcare products for cats and dogs.  More information on Ward can be found here.