Find out what companies and graduates have to say about the FUSION Graduate Programme

  • The role itself is a salaried project leadership role within a company, so ideally suited to someone looking for real hands on responsibility.

  • There are a variety of roles within companies that hail from diverse sectors and locations across the island.  Approximately 60 positions are advertised each year.

  • The roles vary from company to company but the focus is on supporting the company's management team to create and develop technologically innovative and commercially viable products and services - a 'FUSION' project.

  • The companies are carefully selected by InterTradeIreland and include some of the leading innovative companies across the island, North and South.

  • You are employed directly by the company as the (FUSION) project lead where you will receive mentoring and support from a leading academic on the island, your company supervisor and InterTradeIreland consultant.

  • Whilst carrying out your role, you will also undertake a fully funded Postgraduate diploma in Business & Management allowing you to develop valuable additional business skills for both you and the company covering subjects such as Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Project Management.

  • The positions are normally for 12 or 18 months with 80% of graduates being offered full time positions within the company.

  • You must have a degree or diploma which matches the criteria of the position being advertised by the company as roles do vary. In some cases, you may be required to have relevant previous experience in the industry.

Through the InterTradeIreland Graduate Programme, and in your project role, you will gain the confidence to think independently and in turn attain the entrepreneurial flair to identify and create new opportunities that will both help you to develop your career and the company you are working with. So go on, check out our current vacancies and match your ambition.