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What is Horizon 2020?

In January 2014 the European Commission will launch Horizon 2020, its 8th Framework Programme which will invest almost €80billion over 6 years in European research and innovation to boost jobs and growth.

The three key objectives of Horizon 2020 are:

  • Excellent Science:  strengthening the EU’s position as world leader in science and attracting the best talents to work together across Europe
  • Competitive Industries:  strengthening leadership in innovation to get Europe back on the path to growth and job creation
  • Better Society:  innovating to tackle societal challenges shared by all Europeans, across six key themes

Horizon 2020 provides a new vision for European research and innovation in a dramatically changed economic environment - bridging the gap between research and the market by helping innovative enterprises, including SMEs , develop their scientific and technological breakthroughs into viable products and services with real commercial potential.

SMEs are encouraged to participate throughout Horizon 2020 with the dedicated SME Instrument actually targeting highly innovative SMEs showing a strong ambition to develop, grow and internationalise, regardless of whether they are high-tech and research-driven or non-research conducting, social or services companies.

Funding provided by Horizon 2020 will be easier to access thanks to simpler, streamlined programmes, a single set of rules and less red tape.

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