The Key To Innovation Success

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Innovation Funding, Support and Advice

Rethinking your products and services can greatly improve your commercial success, however Innovation and R&D requires specialist skills, either from within your company and/or with assistance from external supports.

How InterTradeIreland can Help

FUSION Product development and innovation is at the heart of growth but often needs costly technology support. FUSION can facilitate this technology transfer and provide financial support for the specialist expertise your business needs.

Challenge provides SMEs with a proven, reliable and repeatable innovation process to bring ideas to market quicker and with less cost.

Horizon 2020 is a pan European research fund that requires partnership across a minimum of 3 European Nations. InterTradeIreland is the perfect channel to access Horizon 2020 funding and is uniquely positioned to help you find collaborative partners across the island, North and South.

US-Ireland R&D Partnership helps to link scientists and engineers in partnerships across academia and business to carry out collaborative research across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the US.

All-Island Innovation Programme is a series of innovation lectures, masterclasses and annual conferences with international speakers providing companies with an overview of the latest developments on innovation practices and theories and helps companies transfer academic knowledge into commercial reality.

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