US-Ireland R&D Partnership

Research and Development Partnership

How it works

 Guiding Principles

  •     Significant participation by researchers from each jurisdiction in each project
  •     Competitive peer review
  •     Joint funding, with each jurisdiction supporting its own research costs

The Partnership will help link scientists and engineers in partnerships across academia and support research collaboration by:

  •     Enabling researchers, North and South to apply for support, to travel to the United States in order to develop proposals.
  •     Facilitating single integrated proposal submissions prepared by US, Ireland and Northern Ireland researchers through funding
        programmes operated by the funding agencies in each jurisdiction.


To businesses - access to research, commercial opportunities, increased competitiveness

To researchers - global networking, top level collaborations, increased profile, career development opportunities

To Governments - the recognition of Ireland, North and South, as a centre for research excellence leading to increased global competitiveness and higher levels of Foreign Direct Investment