US-Ireland R&D Partnership

Research and Development Partnership

Successful Projects

Project 40:   Systems Modeling of Tumor Heterogeneity and Therapy Response in Colorectal Cancer


Dr Daniel Longley, Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Queen’s University Belfast

Dr Fiona Ginty, GE Global Research, USA

Prof Jochen Prehn, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland

Project 39:   Re-use and Recycling of Decommissioned Composite Material Wind Turbine Blades


Dr Paul Leahy, University College Cork

Prof. Jian-Fei Chen, Queen’s University Belfast, (NI-PI)

Prof. Lawrence Black, City College of New York

Prof. Russell Gentry, Georgia Institute of Technology

Project 38:   Next generation sequencing for the identification of DNA based biomarkers in regulatory regions of the genome for susceptibility to bovine respiratory disease complex (BRDC-Seq)


Dr Sinead Waters, Animal and Bioscience Research Department, Teagasc

Professor Louise Cosby, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Taylor, J. F. University of Missouri

Project 37:   Domain Wall Engineering for Novel Nanoelectonics


Professor Ursel Bangert, University of Limerick

Prof. John Marty Gregg, Queen’s University Belfast

Prof. Alexi Gruverman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Project 36:  Fly-By Bridge Monitoring (FlyMon)


Dr Arturo Gonzalez, University College Dublin

Dr Desmond Robinson, Queen’s University Belfast

Professor Nasim Uddin, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Project 35:   Ultra‐Low Energy Electric Field Control of Nonvolatile Magnetoelectric Memory Devices


Prof. Stefano Sanvito, Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research (AMBER), Trinity College Dublin,(ROI-PI)

Dr. Solveig Felton, Centre for Nanostructured Media (CNM), Queen’s University Belfast, (NI-PI)

Prof. Nicholas Kioussis, Translational Applications of Nanoscale Multiferroic Systems (TANMS) California State University, (US-PI)

Project 34:  CREDENCE-Collaborative REsearch of Decentralisation, ElectrificatioN, Communications and Economics


Prof. Brian O’Gallachoir, Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland Research Centre (MaREI), University College Cork, (ROI-PI)

Prof. John Morrow, Energy Power & Intelligent Control Research Cluster (EPIC), Queen’s University Belfast, (NI-PI)

Prof. Ewan Pritchard, Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management Systems Research Centre (FREEDM) North Carolina State University (US-PI)

Project 33: Bioresorbable Magnesium Alloy Systems for the promotion of Regenerative Biological Function


Dr. Patrick McGarry,SFI Centre for Research in Medical Devices (CÚRAM), National University of Ireland, Galway, (ROI-PI)

Prof. Brian Meenan, Nanotechnology & Integrated Bioengineering Centre (NIBEC), Ulster University, (NI-PI)

Prof. Jagannathan Sankar, Centre for Revolutionizing Metallic Biomaterials (RMB), North Carolina A&T State University (US-PI)

Project 32:  Spin and valley interactions in intrinsic and magnetic two dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides.


Professor Valeria Nicolosi, Trinity College Dublin, (ROI-PI)

Dr. Elton Santos, Queen’s University Belfast, (NI-PI)

Professor Manish Chhowalla, Rutgers University, (US-PI)

Project 31: AMASS: Advanced Manufacturing for the Assembly of Structural Steel


Professor Debra Laefer, University College Dublin, (ROI-PI)

Dr. Patrick McGetrick, Queen’s University Belfast, (NI-PI)

Professor Arturo Schultz, University of Minnesota, (US-PI)

Project 30:  'Translational Analyses of Ingestive Behaviour after Bypass'


Professor Carel le Roux, University College Dublin (ROI-PI)
Professor Barbara Livingstone, University of Ulster (NI-PI)
Professor Alan Spector, Florida State University (US-PI)

Project 29:  'Vascular Normalization And Neuroprotection For Diabetic Retinopathy'


Dr Philip Cummins, Dublin City University (ROI-PI)
Dr Tim Curtis, Queen’s University Belfast (NI-PI)
Professor Bala Ambati, University of Utah (US-PI)

Project 28:  'Integrative Genomic, Epigenetic and Functional Studies in Diabetic Kidney Disease'


Prof. Catherine Godson, University College Dublin (ROI-PI)
Prof. Peter Maxwell, Queen’s University Belfast (NI-PI)
Prof. Joel Hirschhorn (Harvard Medical School/Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard) & Dr. Jose Florez (Harvard Medical School) (US-PI)

Project 27:  'Partnership in Continuous Manufacturing for Nano-Based Drug Products'


Prof. Kieran Hodnett, Synthesis & Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre, SSPC, University of Limerick, (ROI-PI)
Prof. Gavin Andrews, Centre of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Queen’s University Belfast, (NI-PI)
Prof. Fernando Muzzio, Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems, CSOPS (Rutgers University, Purdue University) (US-PI)

Project 26:  'Agile Cloud Service Delivery using Integrated Photonics Networking'


Prof. Liam Barry, Irish Photonic Integration Centre, IPIC & Centre for Future Networks and Communications, CONNECT, Dublin City University, (ROI-PI)
Prof. Gerard Parr, Computer Science Research Institute, Ulster   University, (NI-PI)
Prof. Dan Kilper, Centre for Integrated Access Networks, CIAN, University of Arizona, (US-PI)

Project 25:  'Enabling Cellular Network to Exploit Millimeter-wave Opportunities (NEMOs)'


Prof. Luiz Da Silva, Trinity College Dublin (ROI-PI)
Dr. Simon Cotton & Prof. William Scanlon, Queen’s University Belfast (NI-PI)
Prof. Allen B. MacKenzie & Prof Walid Saad, Virginia Tech  (US-PI)

Project 24:  'Far-From-Equilibrium Processing of Ferroelectric Thin Films on Glass and Polymeric substrates'


Dr. Brian Rodriguez, University College Dublin (ROI-PI)
Dr. Amit Kumar, Queen’s University Belfast (NI-PI)
Dr. Nazanin Bassiri Gharb, Georgia Institute of Tec (US-PI)

Project 23:  'Understanding Extreme Nearshore Wave Events through Studies of Coastal Boulder Transport'


Prof. Frederic Dias, University College Dublin (ROI-PI)
Dr. Bjoern Elsaesser, Queen’s University Belfast (NI-PI)
Prof. Ronadh Cox, Williams College (US-PI)

Project 22:  'Tumor priming sequences combined with novel nanoparticle drug carriers for enhanced therapeutic efficacy in pancreatic cancer'


Dr. Niall Barron, Dublin City University (ROI-PI)
Prof. Christopher Scott, Queen’s University Belfast  (NI-PI)
Prof. Robert M. Straubinger, University at Buffalo, State University of New York (US-PI)

Project 21  'Si-compatible, Strain Engineered Staggered Gap Ge(Sn)/InxGa1-xAs Nanoscale Tunnel Field Effect Transistors'


Dr. Stephen Hegarty, Cork Institute of Technology (ROI-PI)
Dr. Myrta Gruning, Queen’s University Belfast (NI-PI)
Prof. Mantu Hudait, Virginia Tech (US-PI)

Project 20:  'Bridge Health Monitoring using cameras and Computer Vision Methods'


Professor Eugene O'Brien, UCD (ROI-PI)
Dr Su E Taylor & Dr Desmond Robinson, Queen’s University Belfast (NI-PI)
Professor Necati Catbas, University of Central Florida (US-PI)

Project 19:  'US-Ireland Collaborative Research on Nano-GaN Power Electronic Devices'


Professor Peter Parbrook, Tyndall National Institute (ROI-PI)
Dr Miriam Arrendo-Arechavala, Queen's University Belfast (NI-PI)
Professor John Shen, Illinois Institute of Technology (US-PI)

Project 18:  'Understanding the Nature of Interfaces in Two Dimensional Electronic Devices (UNITE)'


Dr Paul Hurley, Tyndall National Institute (ROI-PI)
Dr David McNeill, Queen's University Belfast (NI-PI)
Professor Robert M. Wallace, University of Texas at Dallas (US-PI)

Project 17:  'SusChEM:  Using theory-driven design to tailor novel nanocomposite oxides for solar fuel production'


Dr Michael Nolan, Tyndall National Institute (ROI-PI)
Professor Tony Byrne, University of Ulster (NI-PI)
Professor Kimberley A. Gray, Northwestern University (US-PI)

Project 16:  'Ferroelectric and Electroclinic Effects in Nano-particle Doped de Vries Smectic Liquid Crystals: Molecular Organisation and Order'


Professor Jagdish Vij, Trinity College Dublin (ROI-PI)
Dr Paul James Stevenson, Queen's University Belfast (NI-PI)
Professor Satyendra Kumar, Kent State University Ohio (US-PI)

Project 15:  'Protein Biomarker Arrays for Personalized Treatment of Prostate Cancer'


Dr. Dónal Leech, NUI Galway (ROI-PI)
Professor James Davis, University of Ulster (NI-PI)
Professor James F. Rusling, University of Connecticut (US-PI)

Project 14:  'Research into Emerging Nano-Structured Electrodes for the Splitting of Water (RENEW)'


Prof Martyn Pemble, Tyndall National Institute/University College Cork (ROI-PI)
Prof Andrew Mills, Queen’s University Belfast (NI-PI)
Prof. Paul McIntyre, Stanford University (US-PI)

Project 13:  'Development of a Novel Bioinspired Fiber Reinforced Hydrogel that Recapitulates Developmental Processes to Regenerate the Bone-Ligament Interface'


Dr Daniel Kelly, Trinity College Dublin (ROI-PI)
Dr Nicholas Dunne, Queen’s University Belfast (NI-PI)
Prof. Tammy Haut Donohue, Colorado State University (US-PI)

Project 12:   'Multi channel Disposable Sensors for Animal Health Disease Diagnostics'


Dr Alan O’Riordan, Tyndall National Institute (ROI-PI)
Dr Mark Mooney Queen’s University Belfast (NI-PI)
Prof. Eric Vogel, Georgia Institute of Technology (US-PI)

Project 11:   'Femtojoule-per-bit Communicationswith Nanopillar Lasers on Silicon'


Dr Guillaume Huyet, Cork IT/ Tyndall National Institute (ROI-PI)
Dr Paul Dawson Queen’s University Belfast (NI-PI)
Prof. Diana Huffaker, University of California (US-PI)

Project 10:  'Collaborative Research: green foundations for green energy'


Dr Kenneth Gavin, University College Dublin (ROI-PI)
Dr Vinayagamoothy Sivakumar , Queen’s University Belfast (NI-PI)
Professor Robert Gilbert, University of Texas at Austin (US-PI)
Dr Aaron Bradshaw, University of Rhode Island (US-PI)

Project 9:   ‘WiPhyLoc8: Dynamic WiFi Positioning using Physical Layer Parameters for Location-based Services and Security’


Dr Christopher Bleakely, University College Dublin [IRL PI]
Prof Roger Woods, Queen's University Belfast [NI PI]
Professor Joseph Cavallaro, Rice University, Houston Texas [US PI]
Professor Alan Marshall, Queen's University Belfast [NI Co-PI]

Project 8: 'Developing Bridge Weigh-in-Motion (B-WIM) Health Monitoring Systems for Bridge Infrastructure Safety'


Professor Eugene O'Brien, University College Dublin [IRLPI}
Dr Su Taylor & Dr Desmond Joseph Robinson, Queen’s University Belfast [NI PI]
Professor Nasim Uddin, University of Alabama at Birmingham [US PI]

Project 7: ‘Degradation Mechanism of Cyanotoxins Using Novel Visible Light Activated Titania (TiO2) Photocatalysts’


Prof. Kevin O’Shea, Florida International University [US PI]
Prof. Dionysios Dionysiou, University of Cincinnati [US Co-PI]
Dr. Tony Byrne, University of Ulster [NI PI]
Dr. Patrick Dunlop, University of Ulster [NI Co-PI]
Dr. Suresh C. Pillai, Dublin Institute of Technology, [Irl PI]

Project 6: ‘Development of a Total Dissolved Inorganic Carbon Sensor for Ocean Profilers using Microfluidics’


Dr. Todd Martz, Scripps Institution of Oceanography [US PI]
Prof. Paul Maguire, University of Ulster [NI PI]
Prof. James McLaughlin, University of Ulster [NI PI]
Dr. Brian Ward, National University of Ireland, Galway [Irl PI]

Project 5: ‘The Role of Anaerobic Bacterial Infection in Cystic Fibrosis’


Prof. Richard Boucher, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [US PI]
Prof. Stuart Elborn, Queen's University Belfast [NI PI]
Prof. Gerry McElvaney, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland [Irl PI]

Project 4: ‘Genome-wide association studies of diabetic nephropathy’


Dr. Joel Hirschhorn Massachusetts Institute of Technology [US PI]
Dr. Maryam Afkarian, Massachusetts General Hospital [US co-PI]
Dr. Winfred Williams Jr., Massachusetts General Hospital [US co-PI]
Prof. Peter Maxwell [NI PI], Dr. AmyJane McKnight, Dr. David Savage and Dr. Christopher Patterson, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust and Queen's University Belfast, [NI co-PIs],
Prof. Catherine Godson [Irl PI], Prof. Finian Martin and Dr. Denise Sadlier University College Dublin, [Irl co-PIs]

Project 3: ‘Future Oxides and Channel Materials for Ultimate Scaling of Transistors in Integrated Circuits’


Prof. Robert Wallace, University of Texas at Dallas [US PI]
Yves J Chabal, Wiley P Kirk, Eric M Vogel,University of Texas at Dallas [US co-PIs]
Dr. David McNeill Queen's University Belfast [NI PI]
Dr. Paul Hurley Tyndall National Institute [Irl PI]
Prof. Greg Hughes Dublin City University [Irl co-PI]

Project 2: ‘Biosafety for Environmental Contaminants using Novel Sensors’


Dr. Laurie Connell, University of Maine [US PI]
Prof. Rosemary Smith, University of Maine [US co-PI]
Dr. Greg Doucette, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration [US co-PI]
Prof. Chris Elliott, Queen’s University Belfast [NI PI]
Dr. Richard O'Kennedy, Dublin City University [Irl PI]

Project 1: ‘Development of a Greenhouse Gas Ocean–Atmosphere Flux Sensor with MEMS–based Photoacoustic Technology’


Dr. Eugene Terray, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution [US PI]
Dr. Neil Mitchell, Queen's University Belfast [NI PI]
Dr. Brian Ward, National University of Ireland, Galway. [Irl PI]