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InterTradeIreland’s Quarterly Business Monitor survey

InterTradereland’s quarterly Business Monitor survey is the largest and most comprehensive business survey on the island covering business owner’s views both Northern Ireland and Ireland from interviews conducted with more than 750 SMEs. It differs from other surveys by feeding directly from telephone interviews conducted with a robust sample of businesses across a range of sectors. It has a lengthy time series of six years and tracks all-island economic indicators such as sales, employment, business outlook and other specific topical issues on a quarterly basis.

Latest Quarter Key Findings - Q1 (Jan-Mar) 2016

  • 88% of firms on island stable or growing; 61% of businesses have ambition to grow
  • Similar levels of businesses across the island are stable or growing; however, 32% of firms in Northern Ireland reporting growth compared to 41% in Republic of Ireland
  • Growth bonus lies with exporters – 51% trading in cross border market have reported growth compared to 34% active only in their domestic market
  • Positive upturn in performance of construction sector while manufacturing firms appears to be facing difficulties
  • Cross-border trade paying dividends – 23% increased their sales in the past year and 69% used the experience to go on to enter other new markets
  • Cash flow and competition are key business concerns with a quarter of businesses stating that access to finance is an increasing priority

To get all the details please download the latest survey below.

Business Monitor Q1 2016 image ‌‌‌

Download the survey results Business Monitor Q1 2016 (3,339 KB)
Download the survey Infographic summary  Business Monitor Q1 2016 Infographic Summary (323 KB)

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