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Cross-border Tourism

The figures and charts below indicate the number of visitors crossing the border, who stay one day or more in the other jurisdiction. The figures show a slow but steady increase up to 2008 in both directions with always more visitors going North to South than in the other direction. Since 2008 the number of visitors going South has increased significantly to 1.5m in 2015 (from 636,000), while the numbers going North has fallen slightly over this period.

Total in thousands

Data for Northern Ireland is sourced from the Department for the Economy, Tourism NI & Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency (NISRA) ; data for Ireland to Northern Ireland is sourced from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) and Fáilte Ireland

How to use this chart

Rollover the bar chart to see the number of cross-border visitors.

North to South refers to the tourism flows from Northern Ireland to Ireland while South to North refers to those from Ireland to Northern Ireland.

The revenue graphic illustrates the proportion of revenue for each jurisdiction coming from overseas, GB, cross-border and domestic tourism. You can filter the data using the controls and select the year, type of currency and direction.

Year to Year

Revenue share (%) by origin

  • € Euro

Northern Ireland's share of tourism revenue by origin (£)

Domestic 29.28% 26.85% 31.90% 28.73%
GB 35.55% 38.18% 34.51% 35.90%
Ireland 9.82% 6.99% 8.22% 7.99%
Overseas 25.35% 27.97% 25.38% 27.38%

Ireland's share of tourism revenue by origin (€)

 Domestic 31.80%  29.75%  30.36% 27.21%
 GB 18.01%  17.29%  16.42% 16.05%
 NI 6.14%  5.91% 5.92% 5.54%
 Overseas 44.05% 47.05% 47.30% 51.21%

Tourism revenue by origin

Total in millions