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Regional economic indicators

Below you will find some useful comparative indicators such as GVA, exchange rates, interest rates and unemployment figures.

Exchange rates

The chart shows the quarterly average Euro/Sterling exchange rates taken from the Central Bank of Ireland and the Bank of England. It shows a strengthening Pound in 2014/2015 with a subsequent weakening into 2016, followed by a marked change in Q3, 2016, sparked by the UK referendum decision to leave the EU.

  • £ - € rates
  • € - £ rates

Annual interest rates

The chart shows the annual average interest rates for Ireland and Northern Ireland. Both rates are recording the sharp falls since 2008 and record low rates for 2016. Data sources: Central Bank of Ireland and Bank of England.


  • Ireland
  • UK


The chart shows an index of Gross Value Added (GVA) figures for Northern Ireland and Gross National Product (GNP) figures for Ireland (2000=100). Data sources: CSO and ONS (latest for 2015)

Ireland GNP (index 2000=100)

NI GVA (index 2000=100)

  • Ireland
  • Northern Ireland


The chart shows the annual average number of unemployed persons in Ireland and Northern Ireland with gradual falls from 2011 to recent years, for the whole island. Data sources: CSO and NISRA.


  • NI
  • Ireland