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Whether your business trades in Northern Ireland or Ireland, you should know the full extent of the opportunities that exist right here on your doorstep, and that it is possible to build an export business without ever leaving the island.


How InterTradeIreland can Help

Acumen If yours is an established business, and you want to explore your export options within the island, Acumen can help fund key sales and marketing personnel in the cross-border territory.

Elevate If you are a micro-business looking to identify cross-border markets and customers to win new business, funding for specialist consultancy support is available.

The Trade Accelerator Voucher scheme provides small businesses with financial support towards professional advice in relation to cross-border trading and regulation, such as legal, accountancy, marketing and other business services.

Simple Guide to Cross-Border Business FREE guide helping business owners with simple and practical advice on all aspects of cross-border trading.


Thinking of exporting to Ireland or Northern Ireland for the first time?

Paddy Savage, Operations Manager at InterTradeIreland with responsibility for the management of InterTradeIreland’s suite of trade programmes, provides some pointers to help get you started.

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