InterTradeIreland Information

This page provides details of InterTradeIreland's state aid approved schemes.

InterTradeIreland’s  collaborative R&D programme - Innova

State aid N 722/2007 – Ireland State Aid IRL Summary Innova (150 KB)
State aid N 765/2007 – United Kingdom State Aid UK Information Innova (151 KB) 

InterTradeIreland's Sales and Marketing Programme - Acumen

  State Aid Acumen Summary April 2011 (27 KB)

InterTradeIreland's knowledge transfer programme - FUSION

State Aid Reference - Ireland - SA.41021
State Aid Reference - UK - SA.41050

InterTradeIreland FUSION Programme State Aid Information (24 KB)

InterTradeIreland's business growth programme - Challenge

State Aid Reference - Ireland - SA.41020

State Aid Reference - UK - SA.41051

InterTradeIreland Challenge Programme State Aid Information (23 KB)